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Reptile Triptych, I: The Day the Sixties were Over

I remember someone asking me when it was that I knew the Sixties were over.  I told him it was the day I was hitchhiking and a VW bus didn’t stop for me.  It was a Saturday morning in May … Continue reading

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Reptile Triptych, II: Who Doesn’t Know How to Ask

I woke up slouched across the sofa.  It was already late afternoon.  The window in front of me was a bright green rectangle of sunny forest surrounded by the dark wood of the cabin interior.  I could see the hill … Continue reading

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Reptile Triptych, III: Terra Incognita

I used to walk along the road while I’m hitchhiking, sometimes backward with my right thumb stuck way out.  It was silly, because the hundred yards or so I might make on foot were insignificant on a trip that was … Continue reading

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